Monday, February 25, 2008

Producers of Samuel Adams to Share Hops With Craft-Brewers in Need

Over the past few months, the ongoing worldwide hop shortage has affected all brewers, with craft-brewers feeling more of a crunch than the macros. To help ease the pain of its peers in the craft-brew world, Boston Beer Company (makers of Samuel Adams beers) has started a hop sharing program.

Up for grabs are 20,000 pounds of premium hops, half East Kent Goldings grown by Tony Redsell and half German Noble Tettnang Tettnangers from various German growers. This is no quick grab for easy cash from the hard-up brewers without good reserves, BBC will be selling these items at their cost. That's right, they are passing these hops on to those brewers that truly need them just because it's the right thing to do.

I think this program illustrates some of the underlying principles of the craft-brew mindset: brotherhood, sharing for the greater-good and the golden rule. BBC is probably the largest craft-brewer in America and they're showing they still care about great beer and those who brew it, not just their bottom line. Kudos.

Get more details from Boston Brewing Company's site

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