Friday, February 15, 2008

Young's Double Chocolate Stout Review

Brewery: Young & Co's Brewery PLC | Beer: Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Style: Milk/Sweet Stout | ABV: 5.2%
Serving Method: 1 Pint, 0.9 oz. bottle poured into pint glass

Young's Double Chocolate StoutMy dad has always been a fan of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, so I’ve been familiar with it for quite a while now. Back when I was in college, I bought a four pack of this beer and promptly drank the first three, keeping the fourth because I'm a notorious beer hoarder (just ask my fiancee) While in my fridge, the can caused quite a stir at parties. I'd say a third of the people found the concept of “chocolate beer” disgusting, but the rest all found it intriguing. I can see why, chocolate and beer are two of the greatest things in this world, so think how great they could be combined!

For Valentine’s Day, my fiancee bought me a few pints of this, some new pint glasses and the tripod used in the picture above. Thanks Jamie!

Appearance: Impenetrable black body with thick, caramel brown head that lingers

Aroma: Has the creamy, sweet and malty aroma common to stouts with toffee and chocolate tones

Taste: Roasted malty body with coffee, toffee and (of course) chocolate, somewhat bitter hoppy aftertaste

Mouthfeel: Thick, smooth and creamy with a rich finish

Drinkability: If you like stouts, you can easily drink this for a session, even if it is slightly heavy

Verdict: A brilliant and interesting and a great alternative to my usual stout. Out of the bottle it's not as creamy as the nitro-can version, but still great. Take a trip away from the normal, you'll find it's well worth it.

Grade: A


Tim said...

I had the Young's Choc Stout recently in bottle. You can read my ramblings here (The Beer Diary)

Anonymous said...

I have tried well over 300 different kinds of beers in my 31 years, (my passbook at Klinger's pub in PA and my fiascos at The Sharp Edge pub in Pittsburgh can attest to that.) I find that Young's Double Chocolate stout is the number 1 beer in the world in my opinion. I've never had a better beer.