Sunday, August 31, 2008

Samuel Adams LongShot Weizenbock Review

Brewery: Boston Brewing Co. | Beer: Samuel Adams LongShot Weizenbock
Style: Weizenbock | ABV: 7.2%
Serving Method: 12 oz. bottle poured into pint glass

LongShot WeizenbockEach year the Boston Brewing Company (makers of Sam Adams beers) puts on a homebrew contest and releases the best employee and public entry in a nationally distributed six-pack. Two weeks ago, I reviewed one half of the 2007 Samuel Adams LongShot offerings, LongShot Grape Pale Ale. You can read a bit more about the contest in that review.

This week, we turn to the 2007 winner in the public category, Rodney Kibzey's Weizenbock. Weizenbock is a top-fermenting, unfiltered wheat beer with a strength closer to that of Bock (hence the name). The profile is typically that of dark fruit, spices, bready wheat, and darker malts. According to the bottle, Rodney himself describes this particular beer as "deep amber in color with a full creamy body and a dark fruit and clove aroma." I'm sold, let's try some.

Appearance: Murky brown body with amber highlights and a healthy and creamy ivory head that settles nicely with good retention

Aroma: Sweet bananas and herbal cloves over a nutty and earthy malt base

Taste: Similar to the aroma, banana, dark fruit, and cloves dominate here. However, the nuttiness and roasty malt come out more in the taste than in the nose. Pleasantly, that 7.2% booze comes through every now and then in the back

Mouthfeel: Creamy with medium to high carbonation for good contrast

Drinkability: Even with a somewhat high ABV and its strong flavors, I could easily throw one or two of these into a session

Verdict: Complex and unique, Rodney has really brewed up something special here. I guess with these contest winning brews, the real test is whether people would actually buy them again. Well, I can confidently say that if this was a regular or seasonal offering, I'd happily pick up a six-pack or two a year. After trying this year's winners, I can't wait for next year's!

Grade: A

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Anonymous said...

We made it to the regionals with a straight up Amber Ale named "Jughugger". As much malt and East Kent Goldings as we threw at it, we couldn't compete with more eccentric beers.