Friday, March 6, 2009

Lone Star Light Review

Brewery: Pabst Brewing Co. | Beer: Lone Star Light
Style: American Adjunct Light Lager | ABV: 3.9%
Serving Method: 12 oz. bottle poured into
Pilsener glass

Lone Star LightThis review is part of an article on the American Adjunct Light Lager as part of the monthly beer blogging project The Session.

I'm a resident of the great state of Texas. I know to many people who read that statement, a lot of negative stereotypes come to mind, but Texas is much more complex than you might think. While I'm certainly not your typical Texan, I've found much to love about my state. Not least of these is great local beer, something that most people probably don't associate with the Lone Star State.

Unfortunately, not all beer brewed in Texas is top-shelf. Lone Star, a brand owned by the Pabst Brewing Company, pitches itself as "The National Beer of Texas." They make only two products: Lone Star (an American Adjunct Lager) and Lone Star Light (an American Adjunct Light Lager). According to Lone Star, for "maximum flavor and zest," the light version retains "the level of hopping and carbonation found in the full-calorie version." Thank God for that. Lone Star Light took home a silver medal for American-Style Light Lager at the 2008 World Beer Cup.

Here's the great thing about Lone Star beers, and why I always pick them out of the cooler at a party before a Bud/Miller/Coors: bottle-cap puzzles. Every Lone Star bottle-cap has a little pictogram puzzle printed on the underside. Some are simple, some are somewhat of a stretch, but they're always fun. In the bland American Adjunct Light Lager world, a little puzzle can make all the difference.

Appearance: Paler than pale yellow, crystal-clear and fizzy with a white head that recedes rapidly and leaves no lacing to speak of. In a bizarre twist, it looks a lot like champagne.

Aroma: Thin, sweet hints of "malt"with no real hops to speak of, just some crisp apple.

Taste: The body is composed of a thin, sweet, rather corny (no pun intended) twang; the same crap you're used to from this style. Hardly any bitterness whatsoever, just more of the apple.

Mouthfeel: Thin, watery, and fizzy. Simple as that.

Drinkability: Think of the drinkability of water, then imagine one notch less drinkable than that. The only thing holding you back is the bland taste.

Verdict: Essential indistinguishable from the national brands, Texas certainly deserves a better "National beer" than this. Luckily, the Lone Star State is home to a whole slate of brilliant breweries, including Saint Arnold, Independence, Spoetzl (makers of Shiner beers), & Rahr. At least Lone Star has the awesome puzzles...

Grade: D-


Anonymous said...

If you think Shiner beer is better than Lone Star Light then your opinion is null and void :P

Anonymous said...

Shiner is a somewhat craft brewery, and actually makes dome decent beers. Your opinion is shit.