Friday, September 25, 2009

Osakr Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils Review

Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery | Beer: Mama's Little Yella Pils
Style: Czech Pilsener | ABV: 5.3% | IBUs: ~35
Serving Method: 12 oz. can poured into Pilsener glass

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella PilsMama's Litte Yella Pils is a Czech-style Pilsener and Oskar Blues position it as "the perfect antidote for the watered-down, cornfed versions of pilsner clogging America’s shelves." I'm shocked they got the name approved (especially here in Texas), though their tagline "take two and call us in the morning" didn't make the cut.

As for ingredients, the backbone is built from pale malt and "German specialty malts," while bitterness is provided by Saaz and "21st century Bavarian" hops varieties. An American all-malt Pils in a can? How long has it been since that happened?

Speaking to RealBeer about Mama's, brewery founder Dale Katechis noted "There are very few all-malt pilsners made in the US anymore—and the concept of ‘America-made pilsner’ has taken a beating over the past few generations. Especially when it comes to pilsners in cans." He went on to add: "You can’t hide flaws in a pilsner. With this beer our brewers get to showcase their expertise at making an unforgiving, classic style of beer.”

It's sad to say, but Mama's Little Yella Pils is the last regular release from Oskar Blues I have left to review. Each of the previous four beers have received a grade in the "A" range, making Oskar Blues one of the top breweries on PintLog. So, going in there's a lot of expectations placed on this little yellow can.

Appearance: A clear, pale golden-straw body. On top, a bubbly white head that fades quickly and leaves very patchy lacing.

Aroma: Lemony and grassy Saaz hops over relatively rich grainy malt. Hints of white grape.

Taste: Up front, a crisp, lemony bitterness takes charge. Underneath, the backbone is close to the traditional Pilsener body, but with a bit more rich sweetness than usual. The aftertaste is short-lived.

Mouthfeel: A medium-light body with moderate carbonation. Dries a bit in the finish.

Drinkability: As you'd expect from this style, this is highly drinkable.

Verdict: In Mama's Little Yella Pils, Oskar Blues have created a straightforward, tasty, and very drinkable Pilsener - in fact it's one of the best Pilseners I've tried yet. If you're looking for a highly refreshing Pilsener sold in a can, this is certainly the beer for you.

Grade: A

Note: While this review is being published in September, the tasting notes contained within were taken when the beer was fresh this past April.

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