Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BrewDog Release Tactical Nuclear Penguin, The World's New "Strongest Beer"

Those crazy punks from BrewDog have been in the lab creating something truly wicked, and the result is Tactical Nuclear Penguin. It's a 32% ABV beer that can lay claim to the two key titles: strongest beer on the planet and the best named beer on the planet.

Most people believe the previous record for strongest beer belongs to the 27% ABV Sam Adams Utopias, but it was actually set by Schorschbräu Schorschbock at 31%. This beer may eek past Schorschbock, but it crushes the legendary Utopias by 5 full percentage points. Wow.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin started life as 10% ABV Imperial Stout, was aged for eight months in an Isle of Arran whisky cask, and then aged a further eight months in an Islay cask. It's quirky name is actually a reference to the process that boosted the alcohol content—for three weeks the beer was subjected to sub-zero temperatures, which allowed much of the water to freeze out and left the remaining beer more potent. Similar techniques are used in traditional German Eisbocks and terrible American "Ice Beers" like Bud Ice.

Here's the label text that will great those lucky enough to get their hands on this mad brew:
This is an extremely strong beer, it should be enjoyed in small servings and with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. In exactly the same manner that you would enjoy a fine whisky, a Frank Zappa album or a visit from a friendly yet anxious ghost.
As you might expect, such a time and labor intensive experimental beer is not exactly cheap. But, at the equivalent of just under $60 per 300ml bottle, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is a relative bargain in this territory. Sure, it may not come in a gorgeous bottle like Utopias, but it does come wrapped in a paper bag featuring a hand-drawn penguin.

500 bottles will be released, half of them sold as part of a package with one share of the company as part of the company's Equity for Punks program. The price for the 250 bottles bundled with the share will be about $400, which isn't too bad considering it comes with a 20 percent lifetime discount at BrewDog's site (which sells their beer).

For more info, check this video of the boys wearing their finest suits:

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