Friday, July 9, 2010

Saint Arnold Announces Movable Yeast Series

Earlier this week, Saint Arnold announced the release of their "Movable Yeast" series of beers. This new line is all about the different flavors yeast can impart on beer. To showcase these flavors, the series will feature existing Saint Arnold beers fermented with a different strain of yeast.

Saint Arnold will brew up a batch of the base beer and split it into two 60 barrel fermenters. There, the "control" will be pitched with the usual yeast strain, while the new beer will be pitched with the new strain. Each beer will get a clever new name and be shipped off in kegs to restaurants. According to founder Brock Wagner, the brewery is hoping restaurants will serve the two versions side-by-side, so consumers can really get a feel for how much the yeast has changed the flavor profile of the beer.

The plan is to release a new beer will be each quarter. First up in the series is Weedwacker, which is based on the company's popular Kölsch, Fancy Lawnmower. Weedwacker will be fermented with a Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast, which will impart the traditional clove and banana flavors. Also, in a nod to the Hefeweizen tradition, the beer will be served unfiltered.

In November, Saint Arnold plans to release "Altared Amber," which is Amber Ale pitched with Belgian Trappist yeast. Planned for February is Bitter Belgian, which marries Elissa IPA wort with Belgian Trappist yeast. Following that in May, Brown Biite will combine Brown Ale with Alt yeast.

You'll be able to find the Moveable Yeast series in select Texas restaurants starting August 16th. You can find more information on the company's Facebook page.

Image via Saint Arnold

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