Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55 Review

Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery | Beer: Pennant Ale '55
Style: English Pale Ale | ABV: 5.0% | IBUs: ~35
Serving Method: 12 oz. bottle poured into pint glass

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55Brewed to honor the 1955 championship-winning Brooklyn Dodgers, Pennant Ale '55 is an English-style Pale Ale. Being an traditional English take on the Pale Ale style, it bookends nicely to the company's English-style India Pale Ale, East India Pale Ale. Pennant Ale is one of Brooklyn's core beers, and unlike baseball, it's sold year round.

As for construction, the backbone is built from Scottish Maris Otter, Belgian Aromatic, and British Crystal malt varieties, while the beer is hopped with Hallertauer Perle, Willamette, American Fuggle, and Cascade hops varieties. Put it all together, and Brooklyn describe the result as:

A honey-colored pale ale with a brisk pale malt palate and finely balanced hop character.
The Dodgers are under .500 this year, but hopefully the beer named for them fares a little better.

Appearance: A crystal-clear brownish-copper body capped by two fingers of off-white head holds well, but leaves patchy lacing.

Aroma: Bright, brassy, and herbal hops over a paleish caramel malt base.

Taste: Just what the aroma promised: lightly citrusy and grassy hops over a caramel malt backbone. There's a little bit of soapiness at times, but it's not a major issue. The aftertaste is earthy and biscuity.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with good carbonation and a drying finish.

Drinkability: With the agreeable flavor profile and mild alcohol content, this makes a great session choice.

Verdict: In Pennant Ale '55, dem bums from Brooklyn have brewed up a tasty and highly-drinkable English style Pale Ale that's bang-on for the style. If you're looking for a solid English Pale to session, you won't go wrong here.

Grade: B

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