Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Finally Coming to America

In a move that will surely have Guinness fans across the country rejoicing, Guinness has announced that they are finally bringing their Guinness Foreign Extra Stout to U.S. shelves.

Foreign Extra Stout makes up almost half of Guinness' global sales and typically garners the best reviews of the Guinness family, so it's pretty surprising it took this long. Better late than never, though.

Much closer to Guinness Extra Stout than the classic Guinness Draught, Foreign Extra Stout is relatively bitter, carbonated instead of nitrogenated, and has a stout alcohol content.

Clocking in at 7.5%, it's actually the second-strongest Guinness variation and nearly twice as potent as the classic Guinness Draught. The only variation stronger is Guinness Special Export Stout, a Belgian special originally commissioned by John Martin in 1912.

I've only had the Foreign Extra Stout once (pictured above), at a pub in Jamaica on my honeymoon. I don't have full tasting notes to check, but I do remember being quite impressed. I'm looking forward to getting a second crack at it soon.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout should start hitting American shelves this Friday, October 1st.

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I love that photo! Great news!