Monday, May 9, 2011

Murphy's Irish Stout Review

Brewery: Murphy's Brewery | Beer: Murphy's Irish Stout
Style: Irish Dry Stout | ABV: 4.0% | IBUs: Unknown
Serving Method: 16.9 oz. nitro-can poured into pint glass

Murphy's Irish StoutDating back to 1856, Murphy's Irish Stout is a beer with a lot of history. It's been brewed at the historic Murphy's Brewery (now known Heineken Brewery Ireland, Ltd.) in County Cork, Ireland for that entire stretch of time, which is no mean feat given the climate of the alcohol industry over the last fifty years.

Mostly a local beer until Murphy's was acquired by Heineken in 1983, Murphy's Irish Stout has grown into an international brand and established itself as the primary alternative for Guinness. It's known for being a little less bitter than Guinness and for sharing the same fascination with nitro bubbles.

Let's pop the widget and see how it stacks up, shall we?

Appearance: A dark brown, nearly black body with great red highlights. Up top, a beautifully dense tannish head that sticks around to the bottom of the pint, leaving beautiful lacing on the way down.

Aroma: Sweet, lightly grainy roasted malt with some light chocolate, coffee, and smoky tones.

Taste: A rather straightforward flavor profile consisting of a roasty malt backbone with nuttiness, a little chocolate, and some mildly sour, almost lactic-like notes mixed in. The aftertaste is roasty with just a hint of smoke.

Mouthfeel: A creamy, medium-light to medium body with smooth nitro bubbles and a drying finish.

Drinkability: An easy to drink and very sessionable brew.

Verdict: Murphy's Irish Stout is a cheerful enough Irish Dry Stout, though really nothing new if you've ever tried Guinness. So, if you're a Guinness fan looking for something just a little different, this might just be the beer for you to try next.

Grade: B

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